Hiking for fun

It might seem like a crazy thing to do at first the truth is that you can actually do it. All it takes is be decided and motivated, work hard to save up money and hit the road. Traveling does not have to be expensive there are ways in which you can ditch all the expensive stuff put into the eyes of foreigners when arriving to a new place. Research the places that you want to see and look for ways of traveling cheap, such as staying at hostels, cooking and instead of booking tours be your own guide. It is a great chance to follow your intuition and get to know yourself better.

Backpacking has many good benefits on oneself including health. Since you will be out of your comfort zone and pushed into new situations you will learn things that you could not learn by sitting at home. Therefore your mind and body will acquire new wisdom and improve your skills in different ways. It is just a matter of experience. Some of these benefits are:

Exercise- You will definitely become more active if you are not already, backpacking will make you become a physically active person because you will have to walk a lot, go trekking, carry your backpack and sweat a lot!

Improve self-confidence- Traveling will push you to be social and be more independent. Whether it is to try to get to your hostel or meeting new people at a bar you will require to step out of your shy shell and speak to new people in a totally new place.

Memory- Picture memory is involved in traveling there are so many sceneries to discover and new impressions left in your mind, not to mention many sites and people that you will meet.

Backpacking is fun

There is a lot to see and it depends on the personal taste of everybody, but there are actually the three best places recommended for backpacking, these are:

 Fly to Iceland

Iceland: Yes! It´s home of amazing mountains, glacier-covered volcanos, multi-color landscapes and jagged fjord and stones. All this beauty is offered to be seen at an affordable price.

Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam: It is the top travel destination for budget travelers, it is safe and fully decorated with geological diversity, highlands and in the city you can find nice colonial-style architecture. Vietnam has an organized and safe traveling system to welcome you in the best way.

Visit Argentina and Patagonia

Argentina and Patagonia: Buenos Aires welcomes backpackers with great hostel deals and the best parties you can go to, not to mention the delicious wine and steaks sold at very reasonable prices. Then Patagonia comes with all the majesty of feeling like the end of the world, covering its visitors with grasslands and climbs up to snowy peaks. The combination of both leads to a surreal experience, which is surprisingly not expensive to have.

The world is awaiting for you to see it. If you feel like you would really love to see these places then go for it. Enjoying life and experiencing traveling are the best choices you can ever make.