Bed and Breakfast or a Hotel ? Which one do you prefer?


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Planning a vacation? If yes, then you must be wondering whether to stay in a bed and breakfast or a hotel. The choice of where you will be staying will have an overall experience on your vacation experience. People tend to think that bed and breakfasts lack amenities and are old-fashioned. The truth is, most of them have much better amenities than hotels. Staying at a bed and breakfast is a great alternative to the traditional hotel stay. Here are 3 benefits of staying at a bed and breakfast vs hotel.

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When you stay at a hotel you generally get little bang for your money. You get a room and if you are lucky you might get continental breakfast or free parking. In most cases, the two lack and you have to pay extra money for amenities such as snacks, an internet ,and telephone service. On the other hand, in a bread and breakfast, you get a comfortable room together with many free amenities. Staying in a bed and breakfast means you not only get free internet but concierge services and free parking as well. In addition to that, breakfast is always included. This is wonderful in terms of convenience and cost saving. The breakfast varies from continental spread to a homemade. Some facilities serve the meal in your room as a special touch. Some even offer unique experiences such as learning to work in a which doesn’t happen in hotels.


2.Unique Rooms and Privacy at Bed & Breakfast


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Each room in bed and breakfast is uniquely decorated and some even have themes. Therefore each room has its own unique feel. Most of them give you a chance to book your preferred exact room as opposed to hotels where you book a room type. They also tend to have fewer guests meaning that you can get the peace and privacy you desire.

Staying in a hotel means that you have access to a desk and two beds in a small room. This means that you will end up spending less time in the hotel even after paying expensively. On the other hand bread and breakfast ,rooms are cozy and even have common areas such as dining room, sun room, patio, snack bar and outdoor features such as gardens, yards, and gazebos. This also gives you a chance to meet and interact with other travelers. This makes you feel like spending your entire vacation within the facility.




3.Superior customer service level

This is probably the most and undervalued benefit of a bed and breakfast facility. The goal of these facilities is to make travelers to feel as pampered and taken care of as much as possible. Most of them are owned by people who a hands-on approach in managing their property. They therefore, strive to ensure that the clients are satisfied. You get tips on the best places to visit and things to do in the area since most of their staff are locals.

On the other hand, staying at a large chain hotel means that the staff members are likely to be least concerned about your overall satisfaction.


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